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C&W Seals Beach Clean

C&W Seals Beach Clean

We at C&W Seals are a manufacturer of Seals and Gaskets. We work with lots of material that are unfortunately not always Environmental friendly.

However, we are always looking for materials and alternatives that are able to reduce any negative impact on the environment. In our industry it is difficult to recycle our materials all the time. However we try to get the optimum yield out of every sheet we cut to reduce wastage.

On Friday 5th July C&W Seals are shutting our factory down for the morning to gather at the seaside town of Littlehampton to help clean up the beach from rubbish and debris.

As members of the community and some of us parents of young children we are fully aware of the impact certain products have on our environment and its wildlife. For these reasons we would like to do our bit for the environment by getting ourselves out in the fresh air, searching the beach for rubbish. We will also be recycling the items where possible.

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