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C&W Seals preparing for brexit

C&W Seals Preparing For Brexit

We at C&W Seals have not got an official position on Brexit, the current situation is too unclear for any official policy to be derived. Having said this, C&W Seals have been working closely with our suppliers to monitor the situation and have increased stock holding on major product lines where possible.

C&W Seals will endeavour to meet the needs of our customers and will adapt to all situations that may arise.

We would suggest that like us you re-evaluate your lead times and consider the possibility of delays from October 31st onwards due to new rules, regulations, tariffs and duties the EU could potentially impose on Great Britain after leaving the EU. C&W Seals will also look to ship orders due in the current month earlier than the scheduled date in order to ensure on-time delivery.

We would ask that our customers work with us through these uncertain times by placing schedule orders wherever possible. Additional support can also be offered with stock holding agreements. If these are options, you would like to investigate please contact your C&W Seals sales representative

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