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C&W Seals completes beach clean in Littlehampton

C&W Seals Completes Beach Clean In Littlehampton

C&W Seals are a Littlehampton based company who are bespoke manufacturers of seals and gasket. Within our company we work with materials such as plastics, rubbers and sponges. Unfortunately, these materials are non-recyclable materials which are not good for pollution and the earth’s atmosphere. As a company we strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We are always trying to find alternatives for these however it is extremely difficult to do so. We work with some materials such as microcellular pets which are fully recyclable.

As a result of not being able to recycle as much as we would like to, we decided that we want to give something back to the environment and our seaside town by doing a beach clean.

C&W Seals Completes Beach Clean

On Friday 5th July, our team of 12 of us from C&W Seals worked alongside a member or Tivoli Landscaping Services to ensure we could collect as much rubbish from the beach as possible. We began by walking from the corner of Rustington beach, to the pier of Littlehampton, then back up the greens, climbing in bushes and the surrounding areas to ensure that the beach is as clean as we could make it. We got some great feedback from the locals saying, “you lot are brilliant, what a brilliant idea you have come up with, and we are very proud to see people who care so much about the environment”.

C&W Seals Completes Beach Clean

C&W Seals Managing Director Chris Willmott and his team teamed up with Area Manager Danny Willmott and Landscape Operative Karl Reeves to ensure that all the rubbish will be taken away and recycled.  We also teamed up with Justin Simpson, Manager of Lifestyle in the Gardens Café and Pitch & Putt who were able to supply the group with refreshments and food after the clean.

On behalf of C&W Seals we would like to thank all the people who were involved.

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