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About Rubber Extrusions

Rubber extrusions refer to a manufacturing process where rubber material is forced through a die or extrusion machine to produce continuous lengths of rubber products with a specific cross-sectional shape. The process involves heating and pressurizing the raw rubber material, such as EPDM, neoprene, silicone, or nitrile, and then extruding it through a die that shapes the rubber into the desired profile.

Rubber extrusions can be used to produce a wide range of products with different shapes and sizes, including tubing, seals, gaskets, weatherstripping, profiles, and other custom rubber parts. The process is often used in the automotive, aerospace, construction, and manufacturing industries, where rubber parts are needed for various applications, such as sealing, insulation, and vibration dampening.

There are various types of rubber extrusion processes, including hot extrusion, cold extrusion, and profile extrusion. Hot extrusion is typically used for rubber materials that require high temperatures to melt and form, while cold extrusion is used for materials that can be formed at room temperature. Profile extrusion is a specialized process that involves creating a specific shape or profile for the extruded rubber product.

Overall, rubber extrusions offer a cost-effective and efficient way to produce custom rubber products with precise shapes and sizes. The process allows manufacturers to create rubber parts that meet specific requirements for different applications, such as sealing, insulation, and vibration control.

  • Rubber extrusions are used in a wide range of applications across different industries. Some common applications of rubber extrusions include:
  • Seals and gaskets: Rubber extrusions are commonly used to produce seals and gaskets for a variety of applications, such as in automotive engines, industrial machinery, and HVAC systems.
  • Weatherstripping: Rubber extrusions are used as weatherstripping to seal gaps and prevent air, water, and noise from entering or escaping from buildings, vehicles, and other structures.
  • Tubing: Rubber extrusions are used to produce tubing for applications such as medical devices, fluid transfer systems, and pneumatic systems.
  • Profiles: Rubber extrusions can be used to produce custom profiles for various applications, such as in construction, electrical systems, and marine environments.
  • Vibration dampening: Rubber extrusions are used as vibration dampening materials in a variety of applications, such as in machinery, vehicles, and electronic equipment.
  • Conveyor systems: Rubber extrusions can be used as components of conveyor systems in industries such as food processing, packaging, and material handling.

Overall, rubber extrusions offer a versatile and cost-effective way to produce custom rubber products with precise shapes and sizes for a variety of applications. The ability to produce rubber extrusions with different materials and properties makes them suitable for use in many industries and applications.


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