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Adhesive Lamination

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About Adhesive Lamination

90 percent of the products that we bespoke manufacture can be include advise lamination by the process of applying a pressure sensitive adhesive to the base compound material.

Our adhesive lamination department combine both heat and pressure using a thermal heated roller to evenly apply the self-adhesive backing specified across the base material. This allows us to ensure there are no creases in the raw sheet before your bespoke components are manufactured.

Additionally, we are also able to supply adhesive laminated sheets prepared in sizes to suit your application.

Our skilled operatives ensure consistent adhesion is observed across the entire sheet using calibrated roller depths to apply even pressure.

Our years of experience have allowed us to source a wide range of primers and keying agents that allow us to offer the most suitable substrate, tape and primer for your application.

All our tapes and primers are certified to ISO9001 and comply with REACH and RoHS compliance.

Adhesive Lamination Seals and Gaskets

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