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About Die Press Cutting

At CW Seals we have a multitude of different press cutting machines designed to suit the desired product specification. This is based on the different materials, gasket size and order volumes. Our die cutting clicker presses are best suited for standard outer and inner dimensioned gaskets as well as flanged and ANSI Gaskets.

Hydraulic press cutting technology allows for clean and precise cutting of components. On larger batch production runs we target low costs for our customer and aim to cut these using our LC30 automated press cutter. This enables us to reduce costs by picking and packing components while the machine takes care of the precision cutting side.

We have access to low-cost die cutting tools through one of our expert partners. We hold a 50/50 ownership on all tooling which means our internal engineers will maintain the tooling for the life of the project, unless otherwise specified.

Our industrial hydraulic press cutting machines are able to cut most sponges, foams, rubbers and plastics.

Die / Press cutting is a process by which a bespoke or common template bladed tool set into a wooden or polycarbonate base is placed either under or on top of your specified material. We then use a industrial press cutting machine to bring a nylon beaded head down onto the bladed tool to cut your bespoke component.

Die Cutting Seals and Gaskets

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