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About Multi Axis CNC Machining

Our service converts and transfers your bespoke designed CAD Drawing (DXF/DWG) and schematics to our specialist Flashcut CNC machinery. We currently house two Flashcut CNC machines with bed sizes of 1000mm x 600mm & 2500mm x 800mm. We also house a larger CNC and milling combination machine. Our milling machine specialises in the production of plastic and metal components.

CNC cutting machines are perfect for both large batch runs as well as the ideal solution for prototyping and sampling. By sampling on one of our CNCs we are able to determine the optimal manufacturing technique, material and specification.

The range of materials our CNCs are able to convert is vast and by having a varied portfolio of machines to sit along side our CNCs such as CO2 lasers we are able to ensure we manufacture using the optimum option for consistency in quality and cost.

The objective of our CNCs is to manufacture to the highest of specifications within the shortest production time possible.

The advantage of a CNC is that our highly skilled engineers can perform multiple quality checks and perform continual monitoring of the parts while the machine takes up the brunt of the production. This enables us to ensure all components conform to our customers specifications.

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By regularly benchmarking our material prices we can guarantee new and current clients the best possible prices as well as bringing our clients the latest products with our forward thinking and dedicated mindset.

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