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About Rubber Moulding

Compression rubber moulding, also known as compression moulding or compression moulding process, is a manufacturing method used to produce rubber or elastomeric products. It involves the use of a mold and the application of heat and pressure to shape and cure the rubber material.

Here is a step-by-step overview of the compression rubber moulding process:

  • Preparing the mold: The mold consists of two halves, usually made of metal, that form the desired shape of the final rubber product. The mold cavities are cleaned and coated with a release agent to prevent sticking.
  • Preparing the rubber material: Raw rubber or rubber compound is weighed and mixed with additives, such as curing agents, fillers, and colorants, to achieve the desired properties. The rubber material is then shaped into a preform or a specific size and placed in the mold.
  • Closing the mold: The two halves of the mold are closed together, enclosing the rubber preform inside.
  • Applying heat and pressure: The closed mold is placed into a hydraulic press or compression moulding machine. Heat and pressure are applied to the mold, causing the rubber to soften and flow into the shape of the mold cavities. The heat also activates the curing agents, initiating the vulcanization or curing process.
  • Curing and cooling: The rubber is kept under heat and pressure for a specific period to ensure complete curing and cross-linking of the polymer chains. Afterward, the mold is cooled to solidify the rubber.
  • Mold opening and product removal: The mold halves are opened, and the cured rubber product, now in the desired shape, is removed from the mold.

Compression rubber moulding offers several advantages:

  • Ability to produce complex shapes and intricate details.
  • Suitable for a wide range of rubber materials, including natural rubber and various synthetic rubbers.
  • Can accommodate different sizes and thicknesses of rubber products.
  • Cost-effective for medium to large production runs.

Compression rubber moulding is commonly used in the production of various rubber products such as seals, gaskets, O-rings, rubber pads, and other custom rubber components.

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